Unsere einzigartig hohe Fertigungstiefe macht unsere Elektromotorenfertigung enorm effizient, wirtschaftlich und flexibel.

    Winding technology – asynchronous

    Our manufacturing depth is enormous. We also convince with cost-effective solutions from small quantities to large-scale production.

      Winding technology – synchronous

      When it comes to asynchronous motors, we can meet almost every customer requirement, from lot size one to large-scale production.


        We manufacture almost all the parts and tools we need to manufacture electric motors in our own toolmaking shop. This makes us independent and efficient.

          Mechanical production

          Our machinery for mechanical production is remarkable. We use modern processes and systems for machining and combine cost-effectiveness with quality.


            First-class electric motors require an equally first-class assembly. We have pushed quality assurance to the extreme in all assembly steps.

              Test bay

              It’s better to be safe than sorry. We validate all required performance data in the in-house test bay using state-of-the-art, high-performance test benches. Download our white paper here

                Magnet installation

                As specialists for electric motors, we rely on in-house quality. We also install the magnets in our motors ourselves – with high-quality, efficiently and cost-effectively.

                  Cable assembly

                  With our own cable assembly, we support our high manufacturing depth and help to keep our flexibility and productivity at a high level.


                  From the idea to the prototyping to the series production of electric motors

                  As a medium-sized company, we are ideally positioned for large tasks. Nevertheless, “class instead of mass” is more important to us. First and foremost, we are reliable specialists for particular challenges.

                  Our work focuses on electric motors that are perfectly matched to the individual requirements of our customers. This makes us independent and is also the basis for the very special interaction with our customers.

                    Machines are one thing, skill and expertise are quite another.
                    The basis for quality is mastery of the individual phases of the development process. At Fischer Elektromotoren, highly qualified employees, most of whom served their apprenticeships with us, make a significant contribution to ensuring the exceptionally high quality for which we are internationally known.

                    • Our electric motor production is certified to all common industry standards and is therefore geared towards the highest quality in all respects.
                    • With future-oriented production management, we also ensure enormously high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
                    • Basically, the following applies: What we produce at Fischer Elektromotoren is one hundred percent made in Germany and made by Fischer!

                    It’s all to do with the mix!

                    The degree of automation of our electric motor production is high, but we also rely on state-of-the-art manual workstations and semi-automation. From an economic point of view, the man-machine combination is perfectly balanced at Fischer Elektromotoren.

                    Our cable assembly includes fully automatic cutting and stripping machines as well as crimping machines with crimp force monitoring. We assemble our cables ourselves for good reason, because reliable cable assembly is crucial for the function and durability of our electric motors.

                    Of course, we also pursue this standard with regard to the development of electric motors. Depending on the size and design of the motors, we use powerful automation technology or combine manual work with semi-automation.

                    From the steel pipe, which we cut ourselves, and the housing production to the winding, resinating, wiring, final assembly and final functional test, we produce our electric motors completely in-house at our locations in Allfeld and Billigheim.