Drive technology is often in continuous operation – service and repairs must be carried out quickly and reliably.

Drive technology never stops.

Motors and drive systems usually perform the toughest work. Many motors run day in, day out for many years without complaint. Some motors run almost around the clock, some are repeatedly operated up to the load limit in alternating requirements. Signs of wear and tear can hardly be avoided over a period of use that often lasts for years.

However, if an electric drive should actually fail, it is far from the end of the matter, because the Fischer service and repair experts sometimes perform small miracles from the customer’s point of view. It doesn’t matter whether the electric motors are from other manufacturers or from Fischer Elektromotoren. We also bring supposedly hopeless cases back to life. By the way, the repair of an electric motor is often much more cost-effective than you might think.

A repair carried out by a specialist with a final function test and certification is sustainable and resource-saving!

Good equipment and expert personnel characterise a good repair workshop.

The repair workshop at Fischer Elektromotoren is excellently equipped and has an expert and experienced workshop team. Our first-class trained and qualified mechanics are recognised specialists. No wonder the repair service of Fischer Elektromotoren enjoys an excellent reputation nationwide.

Our workshop services are reliable, precise and are carried out in clearly defined timeframes, because time is money for our customers!

We get to the bottom of the problems and draw up a transparent cost estimate. After the repair, the motors, units and systems are tested on the test bench in accordance with the VDE regulations. We draw up an acceptance record with all measured data.

In our test bay we can check and document all voltages and frequencies available worldwide.

With a balancing machine, we can also reliably check and balance the imbalance of motors up to 500 kg. This process is of course certified and documented with a test record.

We take care of the professional repair of:

  • Electric motors

  • DC motors

  • Generators

  • Gear motors

  • Brakes, clutches

  • Pumps

  • Fans

  • Power generators

  • Power tools

  • Servo motors

We offer on-site service. Preventive maintenance, inspection and analysis of your systems and gearboxes.

Our workshop is approved for the testing and repair of explosion-proof motors and pumps up to 250 kW

  • EEex protection class “increased safety e”

  • EEex protection class “pressure-resistant encapsulation d”

  • Explosion-proof DC motors

  • EEex protection class “pressure-resistant encapsulation d

  • EEex protection class “overpressure encapsulation p”

You can find out more about our repair services and expertise here.