Trailblazing development work requires good prototyping and comprehensive test bay options

We have made a name for ourselves with the development of individual drive solutions with electric motors. We are constantly expanding our special position in the market with innovative ideas.

At Fischer Elektromotoren, the individual electric motor concept starts with the initial application goals in the so-called idea phase. In the course of the development, we offer comprehensive, competent prototyping services.

Prototyping for electric motors – you can expect a little more from us.

Our wide range of services also includes the production of zero series and prototype construction. As experts for customer-specific electric motors, we are able to accompany “your” motor from the development phase to series production with specially developed tools and systems. Our expertise in prototyping is first-class. We are able to produce absolutely close-to-production versions. In this way, we create the basis for our customers to intensively test the new desired drive before the start of series production of cost-intensive new developments. Fischer prototypes thus make an important contribution to the planning of development costs.

As experienced specialists in electric motors, we offer our prototyping clients many advantages. We take a holistic view of the project from the very beginning. We already pay attention during planning to which tools are necessary and where cost savings are possible through the use of given assemblies. In addition, we already think out of the box during the prototype phase and keep an eye on the subsequent integration of the electric motor.

Wir nutzen unsere Erfahrung in Bezug auf die spätere Integration des Elektromotors.

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Higher performance in the test bay for electric motors.

At Fischer Elektromotoren, several test benches are available for prototype testing and series inspection.

Each motor is tested several times after the individual production steps and the measured values are documented. In this way, we create the basis for consistent quality and extremely reliable electric motors.

Everything it takes to test and check reliably.

We use a freely programmable test bench to determine and validate the performance parameters of Fischer saw motors.

  • Testable rated power up to 30 KW – peak power 60 KW
  • Efficient load simulation. The brake energy is fed back into the power grid. This technology makes it possible to greatly reduce the power requirement for continuous tests.
  • Water cooling units up to 30 KW

A high-speed test bench with a speed of up to 25,000 rpm with a load profile generator and a measured data logger is available for the development of high-speed drives, such as those used in drilling and milling technology or for the Formula Student series.

Only this way can we test and further develop motors at the highest level. Our calibrated measurement technology guarantees the highest precision and exact results.

Each newly developed motor geometry is measured to validate the calculated values, during which we check:

  • Resistance
  • Electrical voltage constant
  • Electromechanical torque constant
  • Power dissipation
  • Heating during rated operation
  • Checking the overtemperature protection sensors in the motors

A test bench with up to 15,000 Nm is available to determine the torque constant of our high-torque motors. If special testing devices are required, we design these solutions ourselves and manufacture them completely autonomously in our own toolmaking workshop. Our manufacturing depth pays off once again here.
Traditionally, we manufacture a large number of special drives such as linear motors, external rotor torque motors and high-torque motors. For this reason, we define appropriate tests and test criteria for individual electric motors together with our project partners and customers.

The relevant parameters for this are determined and agreed together. DThe testing process then takes place at Fischer Elektromotoren or at the customer. Thanks to our mobile testing technology, we can also test and check externally. Mobile testing technology is a must for us, especially with very large drives, whose final assembly is only carried out at the customer