Our state-of-the-art production facilities enable the manufacture of asynchronous motors in small series and in very large quantities

As a renowned manufacturer of electric motors, we have many years of experience in the winding of electric motors. Even before we manufactured our own motors, Fischer was established in the market as purely a winding company.

We have maintained this company tradition to the present day. Today, we are an internationally successful electric motor manufacturing company and leave nothing to be desired, from our own design to large-scale production.

Thanks to our manufacturing depth, we can meet every customer requirement for asynchronous motors, from lot size 1 to mass production. Regardless of the quantity, our customers and business partners benefit from our mature expertise and many years of experience.

We produce small series very efficiently, because we process even small quantities cost-effectively and in high quality with well thought-out, semi-automatic processes. We take care of the manual insertion of the winding reliably and with assured quality. High-performance machines for mechanical draw-in are available for large quantities.

The Fischer range of electric motors is aimed at almost all industries.

Drive technology

Medical technology

Conveying technology

Machine tools

Automation technology

Our offering

Small series through manual insertion

Large series through mechanical draw-in

Winding of stators in the size IEC BG 56 – BG 200

Various impregnation processes, e.g. vacuum impregnation

Mechanical processing of components in the size IEC BG56 – BG 200

Complete installation of motors and external fans

Quality checking on our own test benches

Extra performance with suitable lot sizes

Constructive development of sets and tools

Prototyping with lasered stator cuts

Serienfertigung mit stanzpaketierten Statorschnitten

Takeover of procurement processes

Winding of customer provisions

Execution with UL materials