In relation to the motor size, linear motors are fast, powerful and extremely precise. As they work practically without abrasion, they are ideally suited for medical and cleanroom technology.

Linear motors from Fischer are a very good choice in particular where very high accuracy and dynamics are required.

Linear motors – advantages:

Low wear due to power transmission without mechanical gearing


Very high acceleration

High maximum speeds

Very precise positioning

Here you can find more information on the following areas:

The linear motor allows a straight-line movement to be generated.

With linear motors, the electrical excitation windings (stators) are arranged on a flat track. The winding design is, of course, user-specific for Fischer electric motors.

The linear motor also works according to the magnetic field principle. If a conductor loop is moved in a magnetic field, a voltage is induced into the conductor loop. The current-conducting coil generates a temporally changeable electric field that interacts with the constant magnetic field of the rotor. Since all assemblies are arranged on one plane, the resulting force is used to generate a linear motion.

Customer-specific electric motors are almost the rule at Fischer Elektromotoren. The electrical connection options differ entirely depending on the later use and installation situation and are implemented individually.

  • Cables with plugs – variable cable lengths
  • Open-ended cables with wire end ferrules – variable cable lengths
  • Built-in socket on motor housing

A second cable output may be necessary depending on how complex the customer specifications are with regard to additional components (for example measuring systems, temperature sensors, etc.) Basically, the following applies: Fischer electric motors are equipped with precisely the connections that the customer requires.

The listed performance data are feasibility proposals, our direct drives are always customer-specific.

Catalogue data

Measurement technology

Motors from Fischer Elektromotoren GmbH are tested according to the EC directive 73/23/EEC and the EN 50178 and EN 60204 standards.
These test procedures are carried out prior to delivery:
  • High-voltage test
  • Partial discharge test
  • Insulation test (VDE measurement)
  • Pole position test
  • Resistance measurement of phases and temperature sensors
  • Inductance measurement
  • EMF measurement

State-of-the-art measurement technology for quality assurance.

We use state-of-the-art measurement technology for measuring all motors. The parameter sets for commissioning as well as the peak and nominal values of the motor are determined on our test benches. Thermal motor protection and water cooling are thereby taken into account. All mechanically installed components are measured using the latest measurement technology such as 3D and height measuring machines.